Planning Process Advisory Committee

The Planning Process Advisory Committee oversees state and regional water planning activities for the State.


South Carolina Water Resources Planning and Coordination Act authorizes the agency to appoint interdepartmental and public advisory boards as necessary to advise them in developing policies for recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly. To that end, SCDNR established the Planning Process Advisory Committee (PPAC) in March 2018 to advise them on a stakeholder-driven process for developing and implementing River Basin Plans in the State. The committee consists of a diverse group of water-resource experts from industry, agriculture, trade associations, conservation organizations, state agencies, and academia.

PPAC meetings were held on a monthly basis, led by a professional facilitator, and open to the general public. Clemson University served in an official capacity as meeting coordinator and provided administrative and logistical support. The work of the PPAC culminated in a report, the South Carolina State Water Planning Framework (available here), which describes the river basin planning process, the contents of River Basin Plans, and how the River Basin Plans will be used to develop a new State Water Plan. The PPAC will remain intact and will serve as an oversight advisory committee during the development of the eight River Basin Plans and the new State Water Plan. More information on the PPAC can be found on Clemson University’s website using the links below.

PPAC Vision Statement

Reflecting our values of water as a shared resource and a shared responsibility, we will work together to develop and maintain an actionable state water plan balancing economic, environmental and social needs of South Carolina for generations to come.

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PPAC Members

The members of the PPAC: (left to right) back row: Tom Walker, Landrum Weathers, Erika Hollis, David Baize, Jesse Cannon, Steve Hamilton, Charles Wingard, and J.J. Jowers, Jr; middle row: Jeff Lineberger, Jill Miller, Clay Duffie, Jeffery Allen, Myra Reece, and JD Solomon; front row: Dean Moss, Jr, David Bereskin, Ken Rentiers, Scott Willett, Eric Krueger, and Bill Stangler; not pictured: Fred Castles, III.