Coastal Plain Water Well Database

The Groundwater Program has information on more than 14,000 water wells located in the Coastal Plain counties of South Carolina.


One of the key functions of the SCDNR Hydrology Section is to gain a better understanding of the occurrence and availability of groundwater in South Carolina, and perhaps the best source of information about groundwater hydrology is water wells. To that end, SCDNR and its predecessor, the South Carolina Water Resources Commission, has been collecting information on water wells since 1969, when the Commission was established.

SCDNR has compiled information on more than 14,000 sand and limestone wells located in the Coastal Plain province. Although that number may seem large, it represents only a small percentage of the total number of water wells that have been drilled in South Carolina.

The SCDNR Coastal Plain well inventory includes a variety of well uses, depths, and yields. The amount and type of information contained in each record varies depending on the use of the well and on the availability of data. At a minimum, the owner, depth, and location of the well are recorded. Additional information often includes well yield, depth of screened interval or open-hole interval, driller’s log, and pumping data. Some wells also have water-level data, chemical analyses, geophysical and geologist’s logs, and aquifer tests.

Coastal Plain Well Finder

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The link listed below opens an Excel file that contains summary information about each well in our Coastal Plain inventory. In most cases, the hard-copy well records kept in our office contain more information than is presented here.
Explanation of SCDNR Coastal Plain well records (pdf)

The downloadable files above are in the Excel format.

Date of most recent database update: March 2022. The hard-copy well records kept in our office are updated when new wells are added to our inventory, or when information about wells already inventoried is modified.

Disclaimer: The SCDNR does not guarantee the accuracy of this well information. In many cases, our well information comes from old records, and as a result, some of the information, such as the well owner or the well use, may no longer be accurate. This is in no way a complete inventory of all the water wells in the South Carolina Coastal Plain.