Edisto Basin Planning

Activities and reports on water planning in the Edisto River basin.


The new South Carolina State Water Planning Framework is currently being implemented in the Edisto Basin. Two public meetings were held on November 18th and 21st, 2019 to introduce the new Planning Framework to stakeholders and to solicit River Basin Council membership applications (presentations given at each meeting can be accessed on the meetings page). River Basin Council members were appointed by SCDNR in March 2020 (see the council page for a list of members). Formal Council meetings began in June, 2020, and meeting agendas, presentations, recordings, and meeting summaries can be accessed here. Please visit this website for periodic updates and new information regarding Edisto River basin planning activities.

Public Notice: The public comment period on the draft Edisto River Basin Plan is now closed, but the draft plan is still available for review on the Edisto River Basin Plan website.

For more information please contact Scott Harder (harders@dnr.sc.gov).