Groundwater Data

View and download groundwater-level data from the SCDNR groundwater monitoring network.


Use the data viewer below to view or download groundwater data from the SCDNR groundwater monitoring network. Daily average groundwater levels are provided in feet below land surface and are calculated for each day missing 7 or fewer hourly measurements. Manual measurements in feet below land surface also are available for review and download. In the case of flowing wells, where water levels rise above land surface, negative water-level values indicate water levels are above rather than below land surface. Data downloaded from this site are saved in a CSV file format.

For any issues regarding viewing or downloading groundwater data, please contact Josh Williams (

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Set custom range values for the X and Y axes of the hydrograph. You can click and drag your cursor on the hydrograph to select a custom date range. Double-click the chart to return to the full period of record.

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Daily water level and manual measurement data are downloaded in a CSV format. If 'Selected Period Only' is chosen, the downloaded data will correspond to the dates shown in the Date Range option and X-Axis on the hydrograph.


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