Hydrology Section

The mission of the Hydrology Section is to provide guidance, counsel, and data to the State government and the public for the beneficial use, conservation, and management of South Carolina's water resources.

Move of SCDNR’s hydrology and aquatic nuisance species programs to SCDES effective July 1, 2024.

Pursuant to Act 60 of 2023, SCDNR’s hydrology and aquatic nuisance species programs have moved to the newly created Department of Environmental Services (SCDES) effective July 1, 2024. More information about these programs can be found on the SCDES website at des.sc.gov.

Water Planning

As the agency responsible for formulating a comprehensive water policy for the State, the SCDNR Hydrology Section is overseeing a long-term State and regional water planning effort.

great falls dam

Groundwater Program

The SCDNR Groundwater Program collects hydrogeologic data and conducts studies to monitor and improve our understanding of South Carolina’s groundwater resources.

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Surface Water Program

The SCDNR Surface Water Program monitors and studies the surface waters of South Carolina to improve our understanding of the State’s surface water resources.

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Hydrology Calendar